Learn how to use InnovaCommerce at your own pace with our wiki or in an intensive way with personalized courses given by our technicians

We provide you with everything you need to learn to use InnovaCommerce applications in a fast and easy way. We leave at your disposal the official  wiki documentation so that you may advance at your own pace or we provide personalised courses for you, given by our certified trained distributors.

Official Documentation

Access to the Wiki with all the neccessary information for the use of the application

Even though we try to make InnovaCommerce applications simple and intuitive, due to the high amount of included features (we add more monthly), you may need assistance with some of their tools. For example, the Point Of Sale terminal compatible with PrestaShop virtual shops (InnovaCommerce POS), is very simple to use, but it includes some of the most advanced features for those who want and who are trained to use them correctly.

In terms of InnovaCommerce ERP includes much more complex features, in addition to having a large volume of options, for which you will need to review the user manual of the application quite often until you have mastered it.

In the official documentation Wiki you can consult the usage of our applications, you have articles created for everything they include.

From this webpage you may consult the application user manual and resolve all questions you may have about the use of InnovaCommerce applications.

If all of the above is not enough for you and you urgently need more personalised training for the use of the POS or ERP, we can also provide it.

Personalised training given by our distributors

Private online intensive training

Do you need to quickly open your shop and start selling with InnovaCommerce POS? Do you not have time to read all of the Wiki about the ERP because you need to start managing your business immediately?

You need intensive training

Our technical team can offer accelerated training online. No commuting, from your own business, with the same computer you will use daily. In the course will focus on day-to-day tasks, so that people who work from the beginning and save as much time as possible. The duration of the training will be variable, depending on your needs. We have stipulated a few hours of experience with our previous experience with other clients, but if you only need to learn the essentials for the work diary, hours a few hours. If you need to know the program deeply, there are several training sessions.
The cost will depend on the number of hours of training. As a personalized training, you can adapt the course to your needs and the trainer will offer you the solution you need.

In-person personailsed training

If you prefer a more detailed and personalized training or need a course for several people at the same time given in person, we put at your disposal one of our trainers to provide training in our center. The trainer will prepare a course adapted to you, following the directions you give him. The course will suit your company and not your company to the standard courses. The best option to get the most performance from the InnovaCommerce applications. And if you need it, we can also give you training on PrestaShop.

You need personalised training

When you apply for the course, we will first discuss your needs in order to be able to formulate an index of contents for the training, once defined, we will indicate the total cost of the course. The cost of these formations is marked by the number of hours and the number of students.

Have you hired InnovaCommerce yet and need advanced support?
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