What support options do you have available as a client of InnovaCommerce applications?

Subscribing to any of InnovaCommerce applications gives the right to some default support options and you may subscribe to others separately

What default support is included when taking out a yearly subscription to InnovaCommerce?

Continuous updates

When you subscribe to any InnovaCommerce application, you will have by default all updates that we release for the application, with no additional cost, totally FREE. There are two types of updates, the continuous updates for error correction and the occasional ones which add new features. Your application will be up to date, and you will be notified by the application every time a new update is available so you may decide if you wish to install it or not. If the update raises any issue, you can restore the previous version. Everything will be exactly as before and you can try to update again.

If you are worried about PrestaShop version changes, don’t worry, InnovaCommerce applications (POS and ERP) will update to the latest version of PrestaShop. It will not be immediate, due to the fact that the the new PrestaShop version must be completely stable for us to start working, but as soon as the version is stable we will update our applications.

And remember, if what you need is help with updating your PrestaShop shop, don’t hesitate in contacting with us, we are always charmed to aid you in this important and complex task. Make a budget request.

Basic support

When you subscribe to any InnovaCommerce application you earn the right to the FREE basic support service, this means that any incident which you may have with the program that concerns an error, you may report it from inside the application and we will receive a report so we may release an update to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Having this type of support implies that you can get in touch with us, for any type of support that you need and we will help you.
To have support for questions, tasks that you do not know how to do, connection cutoffs with the database, temporary program freezes, etc…you should check the documentation wiki or contact the company that takes your online store, this type of support is not included in the FREE basic support.

We DO NOT offer free telephone support, telephone support is an additional service that you can contract with your subscription. Request the telephone support rates to our commercial team.

Almost certainly with the only previous cited support you will not have enough to start your work and will need to apply for some additional services like software installation for your business, personalized training or technical support for incidents..

What else can you purchase in addition to InnovaCommerce?

Software installation

Installing InnovaCommerce is simple, just as any other Windows software. But, connecting the application with the database of your PrestaShop online shop is not as easy if you do not posses some knowledge of how to do so. You must know how to open a database to external connections from other applications. all the necessary information can be found in our official wiki documentation on this website. In some occasions the connection with the database can be lost with knowing the reason why, without knowing how to resolve this issue. When you take out your subscription, the support team can offer you an installation of the software in your business, connecting the application with the database of your online PrestaShop shop. They can also help you with the initial configuration of the application. This information is also in our wiki, but if you have trouble understanding it you can get help.
To receive this support, a distributor will connect to your terminal with a remote control software. With the remote control connection, you can watch how the work is accomplished and once it is done cut the connection until you give your permission to reconnect.

Personalised training

On this website you have at your disposal a documentation Wiki so you can learn to use InnovaCommerce, which is free. But in many occasions, we observe that business owners such as yourself need personalised training to learn how to use our programs quickly and that way start working with them. For this reason, we offer you personalized distance or face-to-face courses at our center, taught by our official trainers. You will have intensive personalized training distance or face-to-face training.

You can hire personalized training by signing up for your InnovaCommerce subscription, or later when you see what you need to learn. You can request intensive distance training or face-to-face training in our center. Training can be for you alone or for a group of employees in your company. We do not offer In-company training.

The cost of training is marked by the format of the training, the number of hours and the number of students. We have stipulated a few hours of distance training according to previous experiences with other clients, 2 hours for the POS and 6 hours for the ERP, but if you need more hours, there will be no problem in doing so, we adapt to you.

Advanced technical support

When you take out a subscription to InnovaCommerce you have by default basic support, that is explained above. But normally almost 100% of our clients need extra help from a technician. For this reason our distributors offer an advanced support, to aid you in everything you need for your daily work.

Different situations can arise that exceed the basic support subscription so you will need advanced support:

  • · Doubts about the use of the application. For the doubts you have the Wiki, if you ask us some by email you will receive a reply, but if you do us many, we will offer you to hire personalized training, since the free basic support does not include the training.
  • · Connections problems with hosting. If suddenly one day the program doesn’t connect with the database and you don’t know why, you will need a technician ti review it and help you to resolve it. This has nothing to do with our program, but with your hosting, So for this you will need to hire support for hours.
  • · Problems of slowness. If the program is very slow and you do not know why it is, you will need a technician to check your entire work environment to determine where the problem of slowness, your hosting, your Internet connection, your computer, etc … Again, this is not part of the support offered as factors outside our applications. If you need help you can hire a technician for as long as you need it.
  • · Update problems. InnovaCommerce‘s update process is simple but it can happen that if the process is not followed correctly or the installation fails for causes unrelated to the application, you must roll back to the previous version but if you cannot determine the problem, one of our technicians may help you.
By hiring advanced professional support for InnovaCommerce, we will offer you support in several ways, support by e-mail, telephone and remote connection.

What types of support can InnovaCommerce offer you?

Remote control support

This type of support is always LIMITED and the technician determines if it is essential or not.
If the assigned technician considers that a remote control intervention is necessary with the client to review a problem or resolve it, he will inform the client, setting a time and date when it suits the client. Remote connections are always done within the support working hours. The client may request a remote control session, but only the technician decides if they are necessary. To start a remote control session the client must install a remote control software such as Teamviewer or Ammy.

If you are not prepared to have remote control software on your equipment it is best that you do not subscribe to advanced support or InnovaCommerce, but sometimes remote connections are vital to review problems.

Telephone support

Usually the phone support offered is LIMITED to certain types of calls. This type of support is only for emergencies with the application. Consultations are only answered by telephone or skype if a technician considers it to be essential. It is usually only for serious problems with the application. Normally simple queries are not attended to, these should done via e-mail/ticket. It is recommended to first send an email and once the technician confirms a conversation will be established by skype or telephone. As a standard we do not offer telephone support, but you can hire extended telephone support so you can speak to the technician directly about the incidents when you have them, without having to send an email or wait for the technician to call you to discuss the incident. Technicians never take direct calls from customers who do not have this contracted service.

E-mail support

The support by email / ticket is UNLIMITED, you can send all the emails that you need to request help when you have any incidents with InnovaCommerce TPV or ERP.
You can contact the technician via e-mail or ticket from the support system, we recommend this last form, it is the perfect option for us to always get all your messages, the e-mails there are times that do not arrive. This type of support is recommended to request help with doubts with the applications InnovaCommerce or to report problems that you have with the application. Remember that if you raise many doubts we will refer you to the Wiki or hire custom training.

This is the FREE included support with your subscription to InnovaCommerce. It is the support that we prefer because we can attend your consultation according to the level of priority you have and will not interrupt the most urgent support that we are solving at any time.

Have you hired InnovaCommerce yet and need advanced support?
Contact our commercial team

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