InnovaCommerce ERP

InnovaCommerce ERP is a unified global software of business and companies that on top of a traditional physical business they own an online shop, that integrates the virtual PrestaShop shop with traditional physical shops or warehouses. The software functions completely integrated in real time thanks to a sole database for centralised management of PrestaShop (ON) and the traditional business (OFF). The best multi-channel management On/Off software solution.

On top of this, you may use this software as a management system for businesses without online shops, without needing to sell on Internet, installing the application in a local environment. If one day the business wishes to sell on Internet, everything is available to mount the system on the internet and start sales.

Important things you must know about InnovaCommerce ERP

Fully integrated with your Prestashop online shop

Finally you have ERP software with which you can work in your physical shop without worrying about your online shop. Now you can make sales calmly due to you will be using a common stock for both shops and when you sell in your local shop the stock will be discounted from the sole database and will not be able to be sold in your PrestaShop shop if there is no more stock. This way you avoid problematic stock-outs. Surely you have seen yourself in this situation more than once before, due to having sold a product of which you only had one existence both in your local shop and online shop.

Compatible with Prestashop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7

InnovaCommerce ERP unfortunately is not compatible with all versions of PrestaShop virtual shops. We have had to leave out older versions due to the fact that their databases are completely different to the current version's. For this reason we have focused on only two versions, so that InnovaCommerce ERP may have optimal performance.

Compatible versions: PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6 y 1.7.

Compatibility with most Hosting

InnovaCommerce ERP is compatible with most hosting services. Your server must allow a external connection with the database, and port 3306 of MySQL must be open. It is recommended that the wildcard 5 is used to open the port for all IP addresses. With a static IP you can open it solely in your direction.

It is NOT compatible with shared hosting such as 1and1, Strato or Piensa Solutions. they do not permit connections with MySQL or the connections are not persistent. It IS compatible with their dedicated servers. There may be other incompatible hosting providers, please enquire about this with your provider beforehand.

Can be used in local shops without online sales

Available for use in local shops without sales via the Internet. It can be installed on a local machine and with a local web service environment. You will have a PrestaShop panel on your computer, to set all the configurations that you need, without needing an active Internet connection. If one day you wish to start selling over the Internet, you may do this quickly, all you would need to do is upload everything you have on your local server and the ERP would continue to function in the same manner, without needing to enter any additional information, you would have all the necessary data to start the sales immediately.

Easy to use, fast and intuitive

InnovaCommerce ERP is very easy to use, the learning curve for our program is very short. In a few days you will have mastered it, due to the fact that there is no complicated configuration that you must know. You don't have to do any additional tasks that you already do in your virtual PrestaShop shop. You will only have to create your point of sale terminal for the employee that is going to use it, and that's all, start sales.

It could not be any easier, install, connect with your online PrestaShop shop, create the terminal, locally download the product images and start sales. Isn't it brilliant?

Available for all types and screen resolutions

ERP available for 15 inch touch screens, standard 24 inch desktop screens and laptop computers. The interface adapts to the screen resolution. the bigger the screen, the bigger amount of categories and products can be displayed in the ERP in a given moment.

The minimum resolution for use is 1024×768 pixels. Not recommended for screen smaller than 11 inches. Very few products would be shown on screen and working would not be comfortable.

Compatible with Windows operating system

Unfortunately not available for all versions of Windows. to be able to have such a powerful, modern and trusty software, we have had to ignore supporting older operating systems. This would have hindered future progression of the application due to fact that Microsoft doesn't give support to some of these operating systems.

It's compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Not compatible with any older system like Windows XP for example. If you use Windows XP you will have to update to one of the compatible versions.

Incompatibility with other installation environments

Unfortunately our software does not function adequately on non-native windows environments. InnovaCommerce does not behave properly mounted on virtual machines or working over Windows remote desktop, and for this reason we have had to eliminate the compatibility with these environments.

At the moment we do not have a solution for this problem, so that users from other systems can use our application. Not compatible with Apple operating systems or Linux distributions.

Software compatible with various languages

InnovaCommerce ERP is multi-language, so that you may use it in your native tongue. We are working on translations for various languages to give the most coverage possible. If your language is not on the list of compatible languages or on the list of the ones we are working on, you may help work on the translation. We will give you a text file with the necessary variables.

InnovaCommerce ERP is translated in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

We are working on Catalan, Italian y German translations.

Documentation, FAQ and official videos

We make available on this same webpage a complete documentation section, the Wiki on InnovaCommerce ERP. This way you can learn to use the application in a fast and easy manner. With easy to read texts without technical jargon to avoid confusion. You will see that InnovaCommerce ERP is not in the least complicated in it's day to day use. You can also consult the frequently asked questions.

Also you can watch the videos available recorded by our technicians. It will teach you InnovaCommerce ERP in a visual manner so that in a few hours you will know all that you need to know.

Updates for new features

When you take out an InnovaCommerce ERP subscription you will have continuous updates to hot-fix any incidents that may arise in the application. You will also have updates for new features.

If you are missing any functionality, please ask our commercial department.

The updates are automatic so you shouldn't have to do anything special, just accept the update when prompted.

Professional support and personalised training

By subscribing to InnovaCommerce, we will offer you the support you need for any issues you may have.

In addition if you need a course to learn to use the program immediately, we also offer you personalized training, to start your activity immediately.

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