What do you need for the InnovaCommerce applications to work perfectly with your PrestaShop online store and your traditional local commerce?

Hardware requirements


  • Pentium D running at 3,0 ghz
  • RAM: 1GB
  • 500 MB free HDD space
  • Lan or wlan internet connection
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • .NET Framework 4.5 installed


  • Dual core processor (amd x2 or intel dual core / i3 / i5)
  • RAM: 4 GB ddr2/ddr3
  • SSD hard drive with a minimum of 256GB
  • Lan or wlan connection
  • Windows 10
  • .NET Framework 4.5 installed

Internet Connection


  • ADSL connection
  • Download speed of at least 6 MB
  • Upload speed of at least 320 KB

If you cannot provide these minimums, InnovaCommerce will not work in your environment, it needs this configuration as a minimum, or we cannot guarantee proper execution.


  • ADSL connection
  • Download speed of at least 20 MB
  • Upload speed of at least 31 MB

If your area has fibre optics available, this would be ideal, due to the fact that the better the connection, the quicker and more fluid InnovaCommerce’s connection with the online database will be.

Hosting Requirements


  • Guaranteed RAM: 256MB
  • Database open to remote connections
  • Port 3306 open


  • Guaranteed RAM: 1GB
  • Dual core processor

The ideal is to have a private VPS server with quality resources, keep in mind that the better your server, the quicker and more fluid InnovaCommerce’s connection with the database will be.


NOT compatible with shared hosting from: 1and1, Strato and Piensa Solutions, although there may be others that we are not aware of. There providers will not allow you to open port 3306 for external connections, on their shared hosting.
IS compatible with dedicated servers from: 1and1, Strato and Piensa Solutions. These providers do allow port 3306 to be open for external connections with their dedicated servers. Any other provider with VPS and dedicated servers are also compatible.

Make sure that your provider allows the database ports open and persistent connections before subscribing to InnovaCommerce.

Otras aplicaciones


InnovaCommerce can be affected in its performance and therefore in its correct operation if there are programs of downloads p2p (emule, vuze, utorrent, etc …) running on the same network in which you work with InnovaCommerce TPV or InnovaCommerce ERP. Make sure this does not happen, as it is one of the most common causes of poor performance of our applications..


Make sure that you own a good antivirus and antimalware, it is quite common that applications like InnovaCommerce run slowly because some kind of virus or malware is using the internet thus reducing available bandwidth.


Limit the use of music streaming services like Spotify, due to the fact that they reduce your available bandwidth which will provoke incorrect behaviour in InnovaCommerce like blockages and microcuts.

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